About Our Authors

Robert Lee Johnston


As a commercial white water rafting guide, the coolest job in Australia; my office was the wild rapids, rivers, waterfalls and rain forests of Far North Queensland. The highest rainfall in Australia supplies a steady flow of flooding white water and endless thrill-seeking customers.

I was badly injured, on river, just over ten years ago. And I will never raft professionally again.

It was when I was transformed throughout the healing process that I wholly embraced anger, pain and hatred. I gave to my pain, a name. I gave to agony and suffering, human faces. I started to write when I was tortured or angered. And found out years later my writing was a very accurate account of those emotions.

Love was especially hard to see or sense from my then unenviable low vantage point. But it was definitely love and patience that helped the most. I believed, to win, to finally beat pain, I must fight it, be angry at it, become insular, inward and surly. It took many years to succumb and stubbornly change my tune. I wish I could say nobody close to me got hurt or disappointed, but that would be a lie.

I still live in the house that my wife and I built on a thirty-acre farm that we scratched out within the tropical embrace of Queensland's two tallest mountains. Alongside the farm a moody, cantankerous river winds its way into the coral sea.


Autumn Reign

Autumn Reign is a midwestern city girl with a country girl's heart. She has been a writer since she was a little girl. Her earliest writing success was winning a short story contest. As the winner, she read her story "Legend of the Vampire" on a local radio program.

Since her childhood, she's been fascinated with magical creatures, fantastical stories and things that go bump in the night. She loves writing all types of romance, but right now you can find her writing about hot aliens, sexy shifters and the women they love.

Your support inspires me to continue creating hot, sexy and steamy adventures.

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Xavier Harrington

Xavier Harrington is an American Author whose stories combine deep characters, unique story lines, and dialogue that often has readers shaking their hands as they think they have it figured out.

You can often find him geeking out on history or legal topics or plotting his next bought of travel.


Kane Daemon

One of the hardest writing exercises is writing about yourself. I'm from a small town in the lower Midwest. I guess I'm middle-class and live in a quaint little neighborhood. I've been writing since middle school and don't see m44444444444e ever stopping

My Hell's Justice series is my first shot at an MC series. Luckily, it has been well accepted, and I've actually enjoyed writing it. I've got enough ideas floating through my head to last a lifetime. If I only had that much time to write. I like strong male characters but also believe in strong female characters who know what they want.

Things I enjoy: being outside, hiking, the stars, and pondering life's purpose. I read across genres since I believe you need to know what's out there in the book world.

Peace and Love,


Quinn Slater

Quinn Slater grew up in the Midwest where still lives today with his wife and two dogs. Besides being a writer of steamy stories, he is also a gym rat, avid traveler, and loves a good dirty joke.

Be sure to check out his doppelganger, Kane Daemon (also on Amazon).

Rowen St. George

Rowan resides in North Carolina with her family, which includes an alien cat. She is an introvert, a dreamer, and a romantic. She writes Romance and what draws her to the genre is the alphas who have a bit of warmth in their hearts that can only be gotten to by chipping away at the icy tendrils that cover it and the snarky, independent heroines that tame them. Rowan has flirted with writing since she was a teenager, but it wasn't until 2020 when she got serious enough to finish something. A mad reader, she wants to explore as many subgenres as she can in her work, which is completely mood-driven. To catch up with all the things; subscribe to her newsletter:

Candi Fox

If a nerd and a porn star had a baby. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and tabletop RPGs. Although I’ve forgotten most of it, I did at one time know how to speak Klingon.

When my first marriage ended, I explored life. Let’s call me a late bloomer. From my sexual escapades to my painful life experiences. I use what I know. I once had someone comment that I put my characters through hell. You write what you know.

As an avid animal lover, I have several of my own, from horses to bunnies. The rest shall remain a mystery for now. My mama always said, “Always leave them guessing.” Or maybe that was Mae West.